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D Pharmacy

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  • Two-year academic program

  • Deep knowledge of science and technique behind the formulation of Pharmacy Practice and Medicines Management.

  • Provides an overview of the conjecture principles and practices implicated in the science of Pharmacy, including core subjects like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.



  1. Candidates should be of Indian Nationality and shall either be a Local or Non-Local candidate defined in A.P. Education Institution (Regulation of Admission) Rules, 1974.

  2. Intermediate (MPC/BPC), 12 years Higher Secondary Education Board Exam of CBSE, ICSE. (Regular stream only)(Ref.No.14-2/2006-PCI-5763-6337/13.06.2007 of PCI & No.12- 2- 2012-PCI/52020, dt:17-7-2012 of the PCI, New Delhi)

  3. Qualifications obtained from Open Schools of any State /National Open Schools under sub- regulation (5) of Regulation 5 of Education Regulations, 1991 are eligible for admission to D.Pharm course vide reference no: Ref.No.14-2/2006-PCI-5763-6337, Dated 13.6.2007 of the PCI, New Delhi.

Not Eligibile

  1. As per the PCI, New Delhi circular no. 12-2/2012/PCI/52020, dt: 17-07-2012, Intermediate vocational course in MLT (Medical Lab Technician) & with or without bridge course is not an approved qualification for admission to Diploma course in Pharmacy under regulation 5 of Education Regulations, 1991 framed u/s 10 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

Admissions Checklist:

  1. College Application

  2. 10th Markscard and Pass Certificate

  3. 6 to 10th - Study Certificate

  4. 12th Markscard and Pass Certificate

  5. 11th to 12th -Study Certificate

  6. Origianl TC

Admissions Checklist
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